About Us

  • To create an organisation that is fundamentally rooted in hardware and recognized as the gold standard in product realization.
  • To democratize innovation by harnessing ideas from the unlikeliest of sources and transforming them into commercially viable products.

Starting from doing Physical Design services for a single Tier-1 semiconductor company, we have expanded into all phases of the silicon realisation flow. We now have distinct functional units ranging from Embedded S/W, Logic Design, Design for Test, Physical Design, Board Design, Analog & Mixed Signal Design, Post Silicon Validation, Yield Optimisation and Supply Chain Management. These units can operate independently or can be stitched together into integrated clusters to execute programs on a turnkey basis.

BlackPepper is today a trusted design partner for a dozen Tier-1 semiconductor companies. We continue to aggressively expand our global footprint, leveraging our two core assets - LTE and EYWA. LTE or Lean Tall Engineering is a focused return to first principal engineering tenets of yesteryears where a single engineer was massively multi-skilled rather than skills and capabilities being sliced and diced across a slew of less experienced engineers. EYWA is our home grown, unique technology framework that allows optimisation of human and compute resources enabling complex designs to predictably converge to closure.

BlackPepper is built on family values rather than conventional corporate priorities.

A Pepperite has strong engineering capabilities, passion for excellence, and above all, is a fine human being. For BlackPepper, every Pepperite comes first, and for every Pepperite, the customer comes first.

We believe in the philosophy of collective entrepreneurship and encourage every single Pepperite to think freely, innovate tirelessly, question fearlessly and be deeply involved in every facet of the BlackPepper story.