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Victor Hugo was prescient when he wrote, There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Ideas can be small or big, ground-breaking or incremental, but each one of them could potentially have a positive impact on our world.

At BlackPepper, we truly believe in the power of Democratized Innovation. A brilliant idea is as likely to originate from the curious brain of a common person on the street as it is from within the walls of a large corporate. Human beings are inherently creative; could we tap this creativity from large masses of the populace and cause a significant speed up in the pace of innovation?

Most ideas remain on paper and do not reach the stage of practical realization due to limited resources at the disposal of the ideator or ineffective methods of nurturing these ideas. Now imagine a simple-to-use idea-nurturing platform with a solid underlying technology infrastructure backed by an experienced and (perhaps more importantly) empathetic mentorship network. Introducing the Pepper Council - the Innovation Enablement framework from BlackPepper.

Your idea could be a product or a service, simple or complex but must have inherent utility and potential commercial value. For example your idea can be an innovative pressure cooker or an improved farm-plough or a completely autonomous drone or ....... All of these ideas are attributed equal recognition.

Breathing life into your ideas

From the time you put forth your ideas to the fruition of the idea, you are always in the information loop through a transparent process. After you submit an idea, a temporary Digital ID is assigned to you. In the next step, the Pepper Council analyses the idea for uniqueness, authenticity and utility. After this stage, you receive a permanent Digital ID and you can track your idea's journey. The rights to your idea remain yours forever - even if the idea eventually reaches full commercialization. You could even be invited to become a Pepper Council member.

Do submit your ideas now. It does not matter whether it is a germ of an idea that you woke up with today morning or something that you have been meticulously honing over the years. The world awaits.

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