Secure Today with Technologies of the Future

Indigenously designed and developed mission critical equipments is one of the most critical focuses for any Military System. In the battlefield of the future, irrespective of the area, more and more information will be available for making decisions on a tactical level, provided that this information can be processed rapidly and accurately with perfection. As a consequence, advanced tactical decision support that now is limited to advanced platforms (e.g. combat aircrafts, drones, trucks, robots etc) will become available at a much lower level, ranging from different kind of vehicles, down to the individual soldier by means of light weighted wearable devices. For instance, establishing reliable jamming resilient wireless communications in such a large group of users with unprecedented bandwidth demands and requirements on survivability constitutes a considerable engineering challenge to solve, if not impossible.

Black Pepper is leveraging its capability in Product Design along with its expertise in advanced technologies like AI/ML/DL, developing a tactical surveillance and jamming resistant communication platform which will be resilient to any security attacks. The critical objective of this system is to provide surveillance and communication in harsh geographies by using High Capacity and Frequency Hopping Radio Relays for communication to transfer the surveillance, voice and critical information on a autonomous vehicle platform with additional remote controlling features.

BlackPepper Technologies’ SeNSe-IC Framework has enabled faster time-to-market products and solutions. With decades of cumulative experience in developing military grade products, BlackPepper has been providing design services in both hardware and software to defence related products.

Critical part of the solutions include, but not limited to:

    • Sense – Integration of various Sensor platforms like Video/Image, Motion, Audio, environmental, Radar/Lidar etc. for monitoring the perimeter and understanding the terrain risks.

    • Secure – Provide mechanism for securing data which will be captured and transmitted to ensure information will not land in wrong hands, even if it does so the advanced crypto algorithms make sure that the information will not be retrieved by any other sources than intended

    • Network – Provide mechanism for resilient high capacity secure communication and jamming resistant information transfer using frequency hopping.

    • Compute – Provide and integrate Algorithms to analyze various information received from different stations which will aid the critical decision making using AI capabilities and subsequently go for automatic decision making as and when required to facilitate faster response time if the situation demands.

◈ Developement of Radio Relay (Frequency Hoping) module for surveillance and communication unit for border protection and tactical communication. leveraging various solutions and Embedded Systems and Board Design Services

◈ Development of Ethernet Framer sub-system and CDR sub-sytem for Avionics application.

◈ Architecture and implementation of ARM11-based Software-Defined Radio targeted to TSMC 65nm technology

  • SeNSe-IC™ Machine Monitoring Solutions
  • SeNSe-IC™ Sensor Fusion Solution
  • SeNSe-IC™ Connectivity Framework
  • SeNSe-IC™ Vision Algorithm Solution
  • SeNSe-IC™ Security Frameworks
  • SeNSe-IC™ Artificial Intelligence Solutions
  • SeNSe-IC™ ADAS