Design For Test

Leaving no node unturned

Maximum Coverage, Low DPPM, Minimum Cost and Improved Yield are the key performance indicators for any successful chip design company to master the art of DFT.

At BlackPepper we have a highly skilled and experienced team rendering services both in Front End and Backend DFT. Our primary focus is to provide silicon with least defects and optimized test time which in turn reduce the cost. Our DFT methodology provides a complete solution including MBIST, regular scan, AC scan, scan compression, boundary scan (JTAG), power aware test and ATPG, to achieve limit tending to 100% test coverage. We have been supporting customers across the globe on the whole spectrum of DFT flow from test architecture definition all the way to silicon bring up.

As a unit we offer our services in the following key areas.

  Design For Test
      Test Methodology and Flow Development
      Test Architecture Proposal, Review and Implementation
        o  Scan Compression techniques
        o  Scan, BIST, JTAG structure insertion
        o  Custom Test block design for SoC
        o  Special Test support for Analog HM
        o  Special test for complex IOs and IOs
      Interface to Test house during Specification
      ATPG Flow Development
      ATPG coverage analysis and enhancement
      Serial and parallel pattern simulations
      Fault grading for Optimal Test Vector set
      Power Aware Test Implementation
      Post-Silicon bring up support

  New Product Introduction (NPI) Test Services
      Test Plan
      Test Specification
      Virtual Test Simulation at logic freeze, tapeout
      Tester H/W design ( Probe card, load board)
      Test Pattern Conversion and GLS/RTL simulation
      Test Program Development (for Wafer/Package)
      Test program development for Alpha, Beta Samples.

  Product Qualification Test Services
      ATE Matrix lot product characterization
      Engineering data analysis
      Test Support for product qualification (ESD, Latchup, Burn-in, HTOL etc)
      Test Support for Device correlation/ reliability
      Test Support for tester H/W tester correlations
      Test support for device production release.
      Remote debug

  Production Test Service
      Test time reduction
      Production and low yield lot analysis
      Yield enhancement
      CQI( Customer Quality Incident) analysis

  Tester tools capability
      Teradyne J750, Integra Flex ,Ultraflex
      Verigy , Agilent Oscilloscope
      Thermal Stream

  • DFT Implementation, Verification and post silicon bring-up of Test and Product chip release of a Gigabit Ethernet Chip for High Speed Robotic Application
    •   Scan with customized On-chip compression XOR logic for a block with wide-1 masking logic.
    •       Test Coverage Improvement
    •   Customized JTAG (Boundary Scan) / Stuck-at / Transition fault delay / IDDQ pattern generation, optimization & verification
    •   Customized JTAG supports Standard, custom instructions. IDCODE supports configurable part number and version id numbers.
    •   Coverage requirement for Stuck-at fault test(98 %), Transition delay fault test (85 %) and IDDQ test (20 measurement points)
    •   Technology: 40nm
    •   DFT Architecture: Flat DFT (Customized JTAG and Compression)
    •   Gate Count: 0.8M
    •   Clock Domain: 8
    •   Max Frequency: 125MHz
    •   Stuck-at TC: 98%
    •   Vector Count: 0.075M
  • MaxDFX ™ One stop solution frame work for all DFx activities