Embedded Systems

Experience the Systems of Future, Today

With proliferation of technologies, inter alia, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Digital Centralization, Seamless Natural Language Conversation, Deep Learning, Computer Vision and UI Overhauls, customer experience is going through a major transformation. Silicon, sensors, devices and software all combine to provide this end user experience. Our Strategic Business Unit, along with our deep expertise in various domains and technologies, is supporting our customers in this transformation without compromising on security and performance while optimizing power consumption.

BlackPepper’s Embedded Systems Group covers overall system design, hardware/board design, Low volume manufacturing, System/Board bring up, HLOS/RTOS bringup, BSP/device driver development, middleware/framework development & porting and use case realization along with System integration and all stages of Verification and Validation as demanded by a product thereby covering the complete product lifecycle. Our Embedded Systems Group offers swift Product Development for several Industries like Automotive, Medical & Wellness, Defense, Consumer Electronics, Wireless and Industrial Automation. BlackPepper has several years of experience in realizing embedded systems based on various microprocessor and microcontroller families. Apart from Embedded System Services, our customers can leverage various other design services like Silicon Design, System Design, implementation, verification, Industrial Design (ID) and Mechanical Design for a seamless, lower TCO one stop shop for product realization.

We help customers in realizing market specific products, for both new Product Introduction as well as Managing Existing Product Revision, to achieve optimized TCO, faster TAT and unmatched end user experience.

◈ An Automotive Solution giant needed Single Box IVI, Digital Virtual Cockpit and ADAS system, and BlackPepper provided the complete solution including Hardware Design, Bring up, System Bring up and Product realization services .

◈ A Tier-1 Industrial Equipment provider wanted a Machine Health Monitoring solution, and we provided the complete design using our SeNSe-IC™ Machine Monitoring Solutions and Embedded Systems Services .

◈ A Logistics start up needed solution in NPI of a 4G capable Sensor Fusion based Tracking device for fleet management which was realized using our TSP Solutions, Board Design and Embedded Software Services

◈ A Tier-1 Automotive Silicon provider wanted boot-time reduction for one of their Customer products which was a challenge given the design; BlackPepper provided an Out Of The Box Embedded solution to bring down the boot time to an acceptable level with the given constraints.

◈ An Automotive Solution Startup required a driver profiling system for 2/3/4 wheeler vehicles, which BlackPepper designed and developed using our SeNSe-IC™ Sensor Fusion DSP Algorithm Solution and Embedded Software Services

◈ A Logistics start up needed help in realizing a Vision-based Yard Management solution with a combination of License Plate detection and RFID technologies, and we implemented the solution leveraging our SeNSe-IC™ Vision Algorithm Solutions and Embedded Systems Services.

◈ A Tier-1 Semiconductor company providing components for Electric Scooters needed Connected Digital Instrument cluster for end customers, and BlackPepper implemented the same  using our SeNSe-IC™ Connectivity framework and Embedded System services.

  • SeNSe-IC™ Sensor Fusion Solutions
  • SeNSe-IC™ Connectivity Frameworks
  • SeNSe-IC™ Vision Algorithm Solutions
  • SeNSe-IC™ Machine Monitoring Solutions
  • SeNSe-IC™ Security Frameworks
  • SeNSe-IC™ Artificial Intelligence Solutions