The Project Execution Challenge

Translating an idea from concept to physical realisation with stringent quality, within strict timelines, with predictable convergence and within tight budgets has historically been a challenge.

Discrete Approach

Part of the problem has been treating various components of the development process as discrete quantities rather than as an integrated whole.

Sub-optimal Resources

The modern trend in design execution is to have a vast army of uni-skilled resources deployed to address narrowly sliced parts of various execution phases. A similar trend is seen when it comes to non-human resources as well; sub-optimal flows result in the deployment of vastly exaggerated tooling and compute resources.

EYWA - A comprehensive technology platform

EYWA is a home-grown technology framework that quite simply removes sub-optimality from the design process. It is a unique combination of technology components that melds principles of network protocols, human capability mapping and physical resource modeling into one integrated platform.


LTE or Lean Tall Engineering is a structured process of extending the skillset of an engineer such that s/he delivers more engineering per engineer. Beyond the pure technical skills, the behavioural aspects of each engineer is extracted from the BPMirror framework. In a pressure situation, often the behavioural aspects tend to be even more important than technical abilities and hence the focus on creating optimal project teams where technical skills are well-modulated by emotional skills.


DEOD or Design Environment on Demand is a method where hundreds of person-years of collective experience is mathematically captured to accurately predict the peaks and troughs of compute, memory and tooling requirements.


SSCS or Sure Shot Convergence System borrows heavily from networking protocols to implement a water-tight flow that guarantees convergence. The underlying goal of the architecture is that greater than 90% of all iterative steps should show measurable forward progress while only less than 10% of iterations should be experimental.

IP Vendoring

A comprehensive framework for IP validation also forms part of the EYWA platform thus allowing predictable product realisation cycles leveraging pre-certified IP components.