Industrial Design

End user Experience, Redefined!

We focus on the design of intelligent and intuitive systems, services and related products for social transformation which include intelligent lighting/sounding systems, advanced driver assistance boxes, military grade systems for end to end surveillance, ergonomically designed medical devices, motivational technologies to support a healthy lifestyle, toys and gaming applications to support social interaction and physical activities, wearable technologies, systems and appliances to connect people, etc.

Industrial Design transcends traditional considerations and approaches of form and function. It encircles interaction and system adaptation, while focusing on user needs and creating continuous engaging user experience. We are equipped to go beyond simply designing artefacts , enclosure or experiences. We have capabilities to master the true change by tackling challenges associated with specific social and business contexts.

We strongly believe that the corner stone of every successful product has “SENSES™” , videlicet:

    S – Start off time the product necessitates to make the user comfortable with it

    E – Effort needed to get familiarize with the product

    N – Notional value which the user is associating with the product

    S – Scrutiny the product requires in its use

    E - Emotional attachment the user feels with the product

    S – Sustained attention the product demands during its lifecycle

Our approach is to conceive SENSES™ with 3eyes™ [Inform, Ideate, Implement] on any product to successfully shape the end use experiences, time and again.

◈ Low Cost , Out Of the Box, No Wire No Pain, Do It Yourself ADAS Systems targeting specific geographies using Vision and Radar Augmentation technologies.

◈ IP65 Rated tracking and controlling devices for commercial vehicles.

◈ IP66 Rated sensor fusion Module for a south east Asian solution aggregator.

◈ Digital Virtual Cockpit/Single Box IVI for an automotive giant.

  • SENSES™ Basic frame work for Industrial Design Solutions
  • SENSES-ID™ Intelligent Design Methodology Solutions
  • 3eyes™ Inform, Ideate, Implement work flow Solutions
  • SeNSe-IC™ Sensor Fusion Solutions
  • SeNSe-IC™ Connectivity Frameworks
  • SeNSe-IC™ Vision Algorithm Solutions
  • SeNSe-IC™ Security Frameworks
  • SeNSe-IC™ Artificial Intelligence Solutions