Panel Investor

At BlackPepper we have a well structured curation process wherein experts from the Pepper Council constantly evaluates ideas. Once you sign up as a Panel Investor, you are invited to participate in regularly scheduled Panel Investor Review meetings wherein these curated ideas are presented to you. Clear productization plans - both technical and financial - will be made available for you to make your assessment.

You could then choose to invest in one or more of these products or services. A single product or service could have investment participation from multiple Panel Investors.

In summary, as a Panel Investor you invest in a specific idea curated by BlackPepper and not in BlackPepper the company.

Financial Roadmap

  • Full-fledged IPO in 2021
  • USD $900M valuation by 2021

Contact Us

Panel investment is open to individuals or firms. If you would like to participate, do reach out to us at .