Designed to be Secure and Efficient

From todays IoT nodes which blindly transmit data from sensors to backend services, we have already graduated into Heterogenous Edge Compute of Sensor Data and securely tranmitting making the nodes more intelligent and self sufficient. .

BlackPepper’s IoT Focus group foucses on working with customers in understanding their requirements and solving the specific problems with right partition of functionality between SoC, Edge Device, Gateway and Cloud.

◈ A Logistics start up needed solution in NPI of a 4G capable Sensor Fusion based Tracking device for fleet management which was realized using our TSP Solutions, Board Design and Embedded Software Services

◈ Sub-GHz wireless communication for realizing Neighbourhood Area Network for Smart Security systems.

◈ Enabling connectivity and Interfacing sensor to convert regular Light into Smart Light .

◈ Realization of Smart Tower Solution for Smart City along with Health Pole features.

◈ Delivered a connectivity soc for a tier2 customer from netlist to GDSII

◈ Delivered a modem LTE subsystem from netlist to gdsii for a tier1 wireless customer. This was executed with a lean team with a very reduced time line in comparison with it’s earlier version.

◈ SoC targeting short-distance Giga-bit range data transfer applications using next-generation WiFi protocol. Included Multi-core CPU, High-speed off-chip data transfer through PCIe, AMBA Interconnect and DDR memory interface.

◈ RTL integration for 4-core CA73-based SoC for Consumer Electronics application

  • SeNSe-IC™ Sensor Fusion Solutions
  • SeNSe-IC™ Connectivity Frameworks
  • SeNSe-IC™ Vision Algorithm Solutions
  • SeNSe-IC™ Machine Monitoring Solutions
  • SeNSe-IC™ Security Frameworks
  • SeNSe-IC™ Artificial Intelligence Solutions