Medical & Wellness

Aiming at Technology driven Healthy Lifestyle for All

Sensors and Connectivity are Rapidly changing the way customers are using Medical and Wellness devices. From, devices for critical healthcare used in hospitals earlier, now it has become a everyday device in form of wearable or cute ergonomic boxes which customers use for different purposes ranging from vital sign tracking during regular chores or workout to critical health parameter monitoring when patient is not in hospital. Integration of sensors, connectivity modules and related technologies in an appealing package with focus on safety, security, reliability , precision, easiness and low power consumption is the key for any medical or wellness device manufacturer. This along with the accuracy of measured/derived data using highly optimized critical algorithms, will decide the success of a device in the crowded marketplace.

We at BlackPepper, with our capabilities in SoC Design and Implementation, System Design, Industrial Design, Software and Algorithms was involved in many such projects enabling customer to launch products and modules in highly optimal cost and schedule. Range of activities includes IC realization of Sensors & MCUs to Hardware design and value engineering for products to turnkey system to Algorithms. With our experience working with multiple SoCs and System Vendors, we are in a position to realize any Robust Solution within the set constraints.

◈ Delivered an IoT based Health sensing device for a Fabless Semiconductor Company from RTL to GDSII

◈ IP66 Rated sensor fusion Module for a south east Asian solution aggregator

◈ Wearable Near Formfactor Reference Platform for a Tier-1 Semiconductor company with integration of MCU and Sensors on Bare metal and RTOS based system

◈ Design and Integration of Health & Wellness Integrated Smart Tower Solution for Smart City project.

◈ Vision Solution with Thermal image stitching for a Medical Device Startup.

◈ Wellness Algorithm porting and integration to Wearable Platforms from Tier-2 Semiconductor company.

  • SeNSe-IC™ Sensor Fusion Solution
  • SeNSe-IC™ Connectivity Framework
  • SeNSe-IC™ Vision Algorithm Solution
  • SeNSe-IC™ Security Frameworks
  • SeNSe-IC™ Artificial Intelligence Solutions
  • SENSES™ Basic frame work for Industrial Design Solutions
  • SENSES-ID™ Intelligent Design Methodology Solutions
  • 3eyes™ Inform, Ideate, Implement work flow Solutions